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It is my joyousness to convey the HEARTFELT NEW YEAR WISHES to the elite of TELANGANA with a prospective outlook that the Almighty should sharpen our minds to mark our intentions with content and merit. It is very glorious to assert that with your elated support ALPHORES GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS have indomitably accomplished the mightiest conquests in various streams of school & college education. We have proven our righteous endeavor in shaping the appreciable number of students as Civil Servants...IITians…NITians… Medicos…CAs..The Methodologies installed in promotion of education are highly fabricated to attain fame and series of victories. ALPHORES has become synonymous for the stringent enforcement of curriculum to mould the finest education to pave brightest careers, this trait has made parents to choose ALPHORES as the BEST SOURCE TO ENRICH their children in all the aspects. Years are passing….Success is tracking resultantly in all the spheres without any obstacle. I assure that ALPHORES will certainly make your child the UNIQUE & FIRM with our IDEALISTIC.